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Beytenu Youth Forum on Jabotinsky

Published on: September 2, 2012

Members of Beytenu Youth got together at the Jabotinsky Institute to learn about one of the fathers of modern Zionism.  After touring the museum, the institute’s director, former MK and director of Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir’s office, Yossi Achimeir addressed the group and led a lively debate.

Beytenu Youth’s commitment to learning about the vision of our great leaders of the past and using their values to envision a strong and successful future for the Jewish state is raising a cadre of intelligent, passionate, and well-informed leaders.

Yossi Achimeir spoke of Jabotinsky’s “Eagle and Mouse” metaphor, a favorite of FM Liberman: A mouse looks at the pyramids of Egypt as a pile of bricks.  A mouse has a limited perspective from its position among the crevices.  However, a eagle can see that the pyramids are majestic structures.

Achimeir continued to say that we should look at every political issue from an eagle’s perspective.  “Unfortunately,” noted Achimeir, “we have some mice scuttling through the corridors of power in Israel.”

Achimeir’s talk was followed by a lively debate among Beytenu Youth members about Zionism and the issues facing Israel today.

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