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Local coordinator: Soniya Abadish

Telephone: 054-5777228

Email: [email protected]

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Tali Peloskov has been Mayor of Arad since 2010

Peloskov won the Arad’s mayoral elections in the face of much competition from many of the other political parties.

Born in Moldova in 1962, Peloskov immigrated to Israel in 1991.  Her first job was as a hotel chambermaid.  She went on to study nursing and medical studies and earn an undergraduate degree in psychology.

As mayor, Peloskov places special emphasis on helping the most vulnerable of society and giving people the conditions they need to make a success of their lives through hard work.

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Minister of Energy and Water, Uzi Landau,  attended a festive ceremony celebrating the connection to the electrical grid of the first solar energy system of the Israeli-developed MST.  This solar technology connection to the electricity grid is first of its kind in Israel and among the first in the world.  This solar technology system is based on CPV technology (Concentrated Photo-Voltaic)  and is considered the next generation of solar energy. MST’s system produces 53% more solar energy than the standard silicon panels.

Minister Landau had the honor of cutting the ribbon and operating the system.  He said that he attaches great importance to this event and is confident that Israeli companies will go on to develop even more advanced solar energy systems.  “Israel is a leading solar-technology developer.  Our technologies will change the energy market for the better both at home and abroad.”

Mayor of Arad, Tali Peloskov, expressed the hope that the MST system will be the first of many such businesses in Arad.  “Arad is honored to be the first city in Israel to host an MST systemm, the fruit of Israeli technology.  May this be the first of many technological advances that Arad is privileged to be part of,” she said.







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