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FM Liberman Arranges Flight for Stranded Israelis

Published on: August 13, 2012

Under the instructions of Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs assisted passengers whose flight from Rome to Israel was canceled last night. They returned to Israel on a special flight last night. This was made possible in part thanks to the assistance of the Ministry of Transport.
Although the cancelled flight and the stranding of Israeli passengers at Rome’s airport was the result a private airline going bankrupt and, strictly speaking, a private business affair. FM Liberman felt it was right for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to get involved. Through the mobilization of various departments: the Israeli Embassy in Rome, a situation room, the Department of Israelis abroad, and in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport, the MFA supervised the efforts that lasted throughout the day to arrange a late night fight back to Israel at a nominal charge of 50 Euros.
During the day, a representative of the Israeli Embassy in Rome assisted passengers at the airport and tightened security as a precautionary measure.
Airport management also handed out coupons to passengers for water and snacks.
Liberman said that this was yet another example of Israel is making efforts that no other nation would do to help its citizens anywhere on the globe. “The sense of mutual responsibility is a strong Jewish value that should make us proud indeed,” concluded Foreign Minister Liberman

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