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FM on the Ceasefire and the Negotiations

Published on: November 22, 2012

This campaign, like all others in the recent past, has three fronts: the military, political, and advocacy.  I think that we ran this campaign fittingly and effectively on all three fronts. Everyone who heard the public statements of European Foreign ministers, High Commissioner Baroness Ashton, President Obama, The US Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, etc. could clearly see that Israel had put together a coalition of world leaders that supported us during this military campaign.  These world leaders declaimed Israel’s fundamental right to self-defense and to bring the terrorist attacks originating in Gaza to an end.

I therefore think that regarding the political front, things have certainly gone to plan.  And our planning was careful and precise.  So too regarding the advocacy front: if you check the coverage this military campaign received in the international media, you will see that Israel garnered much support and understanding.

We enlisted the help of approximately 200 students in Israel and 1300 around the world, who did fantastic work.  Everything was coordinated with the National Advocacy Department in the Prime Minister’s Office and the IDF spokesperson. The degree of collaboration was remarkable.  Indeed, this might be the first time Israel truly fought a tri-frontal war in a coordinated fashion.

Anyone who saw how we managed the political and advocacy fronts knows that all the talk about international isolation and poor communication with world superpowers knows that it is just baseless talk.

It is very important to appreciate the conduct of Israel’s citizens.  There could never have been a victory with the heroism exhibited by our citizens, who were willing to sit in bomb shelters and give their full support to the government and the security forces.  We owe them our thanks.  Our appreciation also extends to the IDF and security forces and the Prime Minister for running this military campaign so effectively.  I am grateful both to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Defense for our ability to work together well, always bearing in the mind the goal and putting all other considerations aside.

I don’t think that this terrible ordeal has truly come to an end.  We will continue to monitor the conduct of all parties in the future.

I also think that it is important to note the responsible conduct of Egypt and the role it played in this crisis.  It was President Morsi who was able to make decisions in a responsible and prudent manner. I hope this in an indication of future constructive cooperation with the international community and particularly the Middle East.  May we all be able to use this positive experience of working together to move toward greater regional stability.

I want to thank my colleagues and the citizens of Israel.  Together we will be able to face any challenge that awaits us in the future.

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