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FM: West cannot Repeat Mistakes of 1930s

Published on: October 14, 2012

Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Avigdor met today with Brazilian Foreign Minster Antonio Patriota.  Minister Liberman began the meeting by expressing his appreciation for the strong bilateral relations between Israel and Brazil during a period of some controversy on the international stage.

Minister Liberman said that it was most important to hold an international foreign ministers conference in Luxembourg to  decide on further sanctions on Iran.

It is critical that the EU and all Western countries remain firm in their determination to stop Iran from attaining nuclear capacity as well as from continuing to sponsor terror throughout the world, especially against Israel and in Syria and Yemen.

Liberman continued to say that if the West shows an unwillingness to adopt stricter sanctions and break Iran’s will, we will be faced with a reality not dissimilar to that of he 1930s.  Appeasing Hitler seemed like the least painful way to stabilize the situation.  In the end, all the concessions simply emboldened him.  We all know how that tragic story ended.  “2012 must not be a re-visitation 1930s Europe,” concluded Minister Liberman.

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