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Minister Landau: Change Electricity Policy for Druze Towns

Published on: September 9, 2012

Minister of Energy and Water, MK Dr. Uzi Landau, wrote to the Prime Minister of his visit to the Druze towns of Dalyat El Carmel and Isfiya, where many suffer from no legal electricity connection.  The source of the problem is the absence of proper city planning.

The neglect of this issue – especially in the Arab and Druze sectors but also in the West Bank – by successive Israeli governments has forced residents to build their homes illegally and connect illegally to the electricity grid, thus endangering lives.

Landau points out in his letter that in the coming days he intends to propose a law that allows the Electric Company to establish a temporary connection to any building that is expected to pass inspection.

Energy and Water Minister Landau said that he expects the support of the government. The discussion will take place at the cabinet meeting on Sunday 09/09/12

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