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We Must Review “Economic Safety Net” Phoenicia

Published on: September 23, 2012

At today’s  Cabinet meeting, Minister of Energy and Water, Dr. Uzi Landau will propose that the Ministries of Finance and Industry create an economic safety net  for the “Phoenicia Glass” plant to help prevent the closure.

Ahead of the meeting, Landau said, “The government is committed to the development of the Israeli economy, with emphasis on the Periphery. I call for the establishment of an assistance fund for enterprises currently in crisis but with economic potential.  This is of course the role of the Ministries of Finance and Industry.”

Landau has filed a government proposal to connect the “Phoenicia Glass” factory to the natural gas pipeline system, which will save the plant about 20 million NIS in running costs.  If the proposal goes through, the connection could be made by mid-2014.

As a temporary solution, Minister Landau’s office has recommended an expedited approval for  transporting compressed natural gas (cng) via tankers.  That could significantly cut costs for the plant.

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