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MK Ilatov heads Conference of Knesset High-Tech Lobby

Published on: July 9, 2012
MK Robert Ilatov

MK Robert Ilatov

Eleven Knesset members from several parties got together to show their support and appreciation for the high-tech industry and the Knesset high-tech lobby headed by MK Robert Ilatov.  Other participants included venture capitalists and scientists.

Six Yisrael Beytenu MKs attended the annual conference: Robert Ilatov, Faina Kirshenbaum, David Rotem, Hamad Amar, Orly Levi – Abekasis, and Alex Miller.

MK Robert Ilatov thanked those present for their contributions to lobby members continued activism and support. He stressed that the lobbying team will continue to work tirelessly to promote industry, which is a leading force in our economy.

MK Ilatov presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Mr. Yehuda Zisapel, outgoing chair of the electronics and software industries for his efforts and contributions to high-tech industry.

Below are two highlights of the conference:

  •  MK Ilatov initiated 11 laws to promote the high-tech industry, including the Research and Development Act amendments, revisions of the Encouragement of Capital Investment Law, an amendment to encourage those who have finished their IDF service to study engineering and science. Three bills have already become laws.  The rest of are progressing well in the legislative process.
  •  The Cyber Valley Venture in Dimona aims to establish Dimona as a high-tech center. The program initiated by Liberman and Ilatov. The program requires a budget of 330 million NIS and includes construction of a university extension in Dimona, which focuses on the cyber technology, the establishment of a boarding school university extension, which focuses on technologiy, with emphasis on military needs, and encouraging industrial enterprises to move to the eastern Negev.
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