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MK Matalon Among the Top Zionist Legislators

Published on: November 1, 2012

The Strategic Institute for Zionism has released its statistics for pro-Zionist Knesset Legislation in the past year.  These statistics take into account laws and amendments that have passed all the stages of Knesset deliberation.

MK Moshe “Mutz” Matalon topped the list with six pro-Zionist laws passed in the past year.

“Pro-Zionist and democratic legislation is a fundamental to future of our State.  Yisrael Beytenu sees Zionism and love of our country as major guiding values. For me, Zionism is a way of life.  For this reason, I worked in the 18th Knesset to improve the terms of soldiers, bereaved families, people with disabilities – with the complete support of my political party and its chairman. I hope to continue my work for a more just society, in which everyone shares in the responsibilities for its security and success.  As an elected leader in our Jewish-democratic state, this is my responsibility,” said MK Matalon.

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