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MK Miller: Decision to Postpone Ariel’s Full University Status is Politically Motivated and Scandalous

Published on: July 5, 2012

MK Alex Miller

The Planning and Budgeting Council for Higher Education decided on Wednesday night that the Ariel University Center will not remain gain full university status at least until next year. Five members of the committee supported the decision, one abstained and one opposed.

University leaders recently appealed to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu demanding to stop the recognition of the Ariel University Center as a university on academic grounds. However,the Ariel University Center said that the motive for blocking the granting of full university status was political and that Ariel’s location outside the Green Line was the point of contention.
In response, MK Alex Miller said: “I’m sorry that we’re facing a situation in which university presidents are the ones stymieing progress on advancing higher education in Israel and Israel’s position in the world as an academic center. The location of the institution is the only obstacle to its full recognition as a university. If it fails to gain recognition through hthe PBC, I’ll file a bill to resolve Ariel’s status. ”

MK Miller is chair of the Knesset lobby for gaining full university status for th Ariel University Center. In the wake of the PBC’s decision, MK Alex Miller said,”The recommendation of the PBC not to recognize the University Center as a university is a first-class scandalous decision that indicates the capitulation of the PBC to narrow political interests “.


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