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MK Miller: I support the Superintendant for Jewish Studies

Published on: October 4, 2012

Following the Central Commissioner’s remarks on Jewish studies in state –religious schools and Rabbi Dr. Yehuda Zoldan’s comments on the relationship between democracy and Jewish law, MK Alex Miller, chair of the Knesset Committee for Education, Culture and Sport, said,  “The values of Judaism and democracy are fundamental values that underpin the State of Israel for many years.  Their integration into the fabric of Israeli life allows all citizens of the country to live with each other in peace and friendship. ”

Among the many things Rabbi Zoldan has written : “Raising the question of whether our nation wants to withdraw from parts of the Land of Israel and transfer them to foreign sovereignty is a serious matter. However, when the majority decides it does not want to observe the commandment [to settle the land], this is a much more serious matter.  Our land is not the private property of any individual …  It may well prove that the will of the majority of the people is not the will of God as revealed to us in the Torah. ”

MK Miller added, “The Superintendent of Jewish Studies is a worthy and honest person who sees  the State of Israel as an important and integral part of the Jewish people’s rebirth in its land.  In that capacity, he works to incorporate within Jewish studies the democratic values inherent to Jewish tradition.”

Miller emphasized, “The values of Judaism and democracy are sometimes seen as two contrasting worlds, but the reality of the State of Israel is the best proof that the two worlds are mutually supportive and create a rich tapestry of a Jewish-democratic society.  I hope that this work will continue and flourish for the establishment of the state.”

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