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Yisrael Beytenu Members Approve Merger

Published on: November 6, 2012

Yisrael Beytenu members gathered this evening at the “Renaissance Hotel” in Jerusalem to vote on the party’s merger with the Likud party. The hall was packed as Beytenu MKs, Yair Shamir, Minister Uzi Landau and Minister Avigdor Liberman addressed the audience, speaking of the remarkable success of Yisrael Beytenu, its adherence to its principles, and the wisdom of merging with Likud.

The merger passed by a vast majority, with no opposition and only one abstension.

Minister Landau spoke of the new spirit in Israeli politics: “Yisrael Beytenu is a real political force and is so important for Israel that we’re here. We have Judaism, Zionism, and pride in the State of Israel.  This is what it means to be in Yisrael Beytenu and now Likud Beytenu.  The merger of the two parties was a strategic decision by their leaders.  This is so important for the State of Israel.  We must have a strong, clearly defined political party that can carry out its vision,” said Landau.

Landau added, “When I joined Yisrael Beytenu.  I said that I was really staying in the same building and just moving to a better apartment. Now, not only is the apartment better, but so is the whole building.”

Landau called on Yisrael Beytenu supporters to get out there and get as many votes as possible for Likud-Beytenu.

Yair Shamir addressed party members for the first time: “After a challenging military career, I have decided that is time to join this great political party – a party steeped in pride, Zionism, and the value of settling the land.  This merger will change the political map.  It is an historical agreement.  Yisrael Beytenu will always be the anchor of the nationalist camp,” he said.

Minister Liberman spoke about the interview Abu Mazan gave to Channel Two News: “Ahmad Tibi is the one who initiated this interview. He whispered in Abu Mazan’s ear.  The timing tells you all you need to know.  Abu Mazan wanted to give the Left some arrows for its quiver.  The day after the interview, Abu Mazan spoke on Palestinian television and denied what he had said the previous day.”

Minister Liberman also recounted the successes of the party in the 18 Knesset including: increasing the number of Russian tourists, thereby creating more jobs, doubling the government grant given to soldiers and the cancelling of the television and radio charge for pensioners and lone soldiers.

Minister Liberman explained that while Yisrael Beytenu was running in the elections together with Likud, they would remain separate parties.  Liberman predicted  that the joint list would garner 47 Knesset seats.

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