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Alex Miller became a Member of Knesset in 2006.  A former deputy head of Israel’s Student Union, MK Miller is particularly committed to students’ and young people’s issues.

MK Miller was born in 1977 in Moscow and immigrated to Israel in 1991.  He has a teacher’s certificate, specializing in electronics and an MA in public policy.

MK Miller is Deputy Speaker of the Knesset


  • Member, Subcommittee for Regulations Regarding Equal Rights for Widowers and Widows
  • Member, Education, Culture, and Sports Committee
  • Member, Finance Committee
  • Member, Joint Committee for the Knesset Budget
  • Chair, Subcommittee for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses
  • Chair, Education, Culture, and Sports Committee


  • Chair, Lobby for Youth and Students
  • Member, Lobby for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses
  • Member, Lobby for the Advancement of Education
  • Member, Lobby for the Promotion of Sports in Israel
  • Member, Knesset Christian Allies Caucus
  • Member, Lobby for Reserve Soldiers
  • Member, Lobby for the Hi-Tech Industry in Israel
  • Member, Lobby for Culture
  • Member, Lobby for Tel Aviv – Jaffa
  • Member, Lobby for the IDF Disabled, Bereaved Families, Widows, and Orphans
  • Member, Lobby for Local Government
  • Member, Lobby for Children and Youth at Risk
  • Member, Lobby for Furthering Relations Between Israel and Europe
  • Member, Lobby for the Prevention of Illegal Immigration to Israel
  • Member, Lobby for Improving Ties with American Jewry


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Laws passed by Alex Miller:

  • Requirement of internet providers to alert customers of potentially harmful content and offer means of protection
  • Exemption of lone soldiers from paying the television tax
  • Law to combat violence against care-givers
  • Law against discrimination against students based on country of origin
  • Budget law banning the state funding of projects that oppose the principles of the country (the Nakba Law)
  • Ban on employment of school-age children during school hours
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Yisrael Beytenu has prepared a petition against the United Arab List (UAL) party between Balad, Hadash, and Ra’am-Ta’al (the original UAL), demanding that it be disqualified from the Knesset due to Balad’s connection to known terrorist organizations. Balad ”supports terrorist organizations and …

Parents should have to Pre-arrange Visits to School

MK Alex Miller: “Sadly, the statistics tell us that 70% of teachers experience either verbal or physical violence. Today, any parent may enter the school even if she or he does not have a valid reason for doing so. ”

Investigate the Students who Mourned Jabari

MK Alex Miller: “It should be inconceivable that such events be held at institutions funded by the State of Israel.”

MK Miller: I support the Superintendant for Jewish Studies

“The values of Judaism and democracy are sometimes seen as two contrasting worlds, but the reality of the State of Israel is the best proof that the two worlds are mutually supportive and create a rich tapestry of a Jewish-democratic society. I hope that this work will continue and flourish for the establishment of the state.”


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