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Member of Knesset David Rotem is the chair of the Knesset Constitution, Law and Justice Committee.  Breaking the monopoly of the Rabbinate on conversion and marriage is a key policy area for MK Rotem.  Equal sharing of the duty to serve the nation is another major issue MK Rotem champions.

MK Rotem was born in 1949 in Bnei Brak and grew up in Jerusalem.  He is a lawyer and lectured at Bar Ilan University.  He serves on the board of many charitable institutions.


  • Chairman, Constitution, Law and Justice Committee
  • Chairman, Joint Committee for the budget of the Company for Restitution of Holocaust Victims Assets
  • Chairman, Subcommittee for Review of foreign Donations to Israeli organizationsMember, House Committee
  • Member, Committee for the Appointment of Judges
  • Member, Interpretations Committee
  • Member, Joint Committee for Discussion on the Law and Governance Order Bill (Annulment of Trial, Judgment and Administration) (Referendum)
  • Alternate Member, Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee
  • Member, Constitution, Law and Justice Committee
  • Member, House Committee


  • Chair, Lobby for the War Against Violence and Crime
  • Chair, Knesset Christian Allies Caucus
  • Member, Lobby for the IDF Disabled, Bereaved Families, Widows, and Orphans
  • Member, Lobby for Furthering Relations Between Israel and Europe
  • Member, Lobby for Improving Ties with American Jewry
  • Member, Lobby for the encouragement, strengthening, and support of discharged soldiers


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Laws passed in the 18th Knesset:

  • Law on benefits for those serving in the IDF or National Civilian Service
  • Revoking the citizenship convictions on charges of terrorism or espionage
  • Law on Community Admissions Committees in the Galilee and Negev
  • Sentencing Law, Amendment no. 104 (threatening and assault)
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