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Tel: 02-6664331, Fax: 02-6514629

Address:  The Ministry of Tourism,  5 Bank of Israel St., Jerusalem

Email: [email protected]


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Stas Miseznikov is Israel’s Minister of Tourism.  He was born in Moscow in 1969 and immigrated to Israel at the age of 13. He now lives in Rishon L’Zion with his wife and three children.
Minister Miseznikov has a BA in social and political sciences and an MBA, both from Tel Aviv University. Before entering the Knesset, Minister Miseznikov had been a member of the Rishon L’Zion City Council and served as head of the Megedor Youth Center for five years. This was the first organization in Israel dedicated to young new immigrants.
Minister Miseznikov was the parliamentary assistant of the late Yuri Stern, of blessed memory and became a Beytenu Member of Knesset in 2006.

Knesset Committees

  • Chairman, Finance Committee
  • Member, Finance Committee
  • Member, Committee on Foreign Workers
  • Member, Joint Committee for the Defense Budget
  • Substitute Member, Finance Committee

Knesset Lobbies

  • Chairman, Municipal Lobby
  • Chairman, Lobby for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses
  • Member, Lobby for the War Against Road Accidents
  • Member, Lobby for Public Housing
  • Member, Lobby for IDF Disabled
  • Member, Knesset Christian Allies Caucus
  • Member, Social Lobby
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Under Minister Miseznikov’s leadership, the Ministry of Tourism has accomplished much:

  • Visa cancellation agreement with Ukraine
  • Consistent year on year increase in tourism to Israel for the past four years, strengthening the economy and creating jobs
  • Significant increases in the governmental budget allocation in tourism development and infrastructure
  • Establishment of a fund to give grants to tourist cities and finance a maximum of 30% of the construction of new hotels and the renovation of pre-existing hotels



Posts Events

Four Years of Increased Tourism

Tourism Minister Stas Misezhnikov: “In the past four years the tourism industry saw a record number of tourists and revenue to the state. Tourist has become the growth engine of the economy. Now, after Operation “Pillar of Defense,” we face larger challenges, and I will do my best to meet them.”

Misezhnikov: Aid for Southern Tourism Industry

“The tourism industry is one of the anchors of the southern economy and the Ministry of Tourism will be there to help rehabilitate the it.”

Successful Campaign Encouraging Returning Israelis

Minister of Immigrant Absorption, Sofa Landver presents a review of the campaign to encourage Israelis living abroad to return to Israel. 30,000 returnees since 2010!

Misezhnikov Welcomes Krimsky child flood victims to Israel

“The gift of a trip to Israel is intended to restore their joy of life. Inviting these children to Israel strengthens the bond between the people of Israel and Russia and serves as the perfect complement to Israeli-Russian relations on the political level.”


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